Alliance Membership

Does your company have a proven ability to create measurable, lasting value for clients? Do you focus more on implementing changes than on recommending them? Are high integrity and the satisfaction of making a difference part of your culture? If you answered “yes” to these questions, your company may be a good fit with HPA.  

We are a consortium of specialists, dedicated to improving the bottom lines of our clients. Unlike large, "full service" consulting firms, we are not focused on reports and high level recommendations, but on making sure we bring our clients results: higher revenues and lower costs.

We offer a broad portfolio of services you would only expect in large consulting firms, combined with the depth of knowledge and implementation experience characteristic of smaller, niche firms. By offering gain-sharing options, we eliminate the inherent risk of fixed-fee consulting engagements. Our project teams are not recent MBA grads, but knowledgeable professionals with strong track records and implementation experience. 

Working relationships with clients tend to be less formal and more focused on the end result. We avoid the unnecessary complexity that often arises when firms charge for billable hours instead of measured results.

If you are interested in learning about membership in the Healthcare Performance Alliance, please contact us.


Collectively, our services achieve significant improvement in our clients’ P&L’s.

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