Past Projects

A Pricing Analytics project for a large health system in Florida yielded $9.8 million in incremental net revenue.

A comprehensive Strategic Sourcing project, focusing on a broad range of spend categories, yielded an annual expense reduction of $11 million for a large university hospital in the midwest.

A 280-bed hospital in Illinois is saving approximately $3800 a week in surgical staffing costs, improving the support available to surgeons and their patients, and enabling greater OR throughput.

An engineering project at an 80-bed hospital in southeastern Texas has resulted in a reduction in energy cost, consumption, and emissions of over 35%.

A broad overhaul of procurement opportunities in an urban trauma center in the northeast reduced annual expenses by $6.5 million. 

A 184-bed community hospital in the southeast is generating approximately $5 million of incremental net revenue annually and also has substantially improved consistency and written documentation to support all charges.

A highly focused project to reduce expenses in telecom, wireless, and wide area networking brought $5.0 million in annual expense reduction in a 31-hospital system. Other areas of opportunity have since been identified and larger reductions in other areas are expected in the coming months.

Pricing Analytics project resulted in $2 million per year in additional net revenue for a 400-bed university hospital in Texas.

An ongoing Strategic Souring project at a mid atlantic health insurer has identified and implemented over $2.5 million in annual savings.


There are ways for a hospital to improve its P&L and strengthen its financial foundation without risk.

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