Cost Reduction
Energy Consumption

The EPA has estimated that an average of 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, and hospitals are among the heaviest users of energy per square foot. Our energy group has engineering knowledge and tools that reduce the usage of electricity, fuel, and water/sewer.

We design and implement engineering changes in the control of mechanical systems that often waste energy in hospital facilities, reducing consumption and costs by 10%-30% with no capital investment. We determine your current Energy Star rating, track changes to your rating and often obtain the prestigious Energy Star Label for your buildings.

Strategic Sourcing

In collaboration with hospital staff, we run an efficient process to generate savings options from both new and incumbent suppliers across direct and indirect expense items, equipment, and purchased services. 

Using deep subject matter expertise, a large national database, and state of the art e-sourcing tools, we pursue the best quality and price in every spend category. 

Our team has worked with over 500 clients since 1992, with experience in over 100 spend categories. We consistently identify savings beyond what GPO contracts deliver.


18% average hard cost savings

95% success achieving savings from incumbent suppliers

60% client retention of incumbent suppliers

Vendor compliance monitoring to ensure savings are realized


Typical engagements are implemented in 4-6 months and include some or all of the following:

  • Spend analysis & consolidation

  • Development of statements of work

  • Identification of alternate sources of supply

  • Market intelligence research

  • RFI/RFP management

  • Contract & pricing negotiations/recommendations.  

In every engagement, we seek to maintain or improve quality of service from incumbent and any new suppliers.  We assist in the transition of a new supplier or ordering platform when needed and continue to monitor and audit invoices for compliance after the new prices have been implemented.

Results are achieved through a collaborative effort with the client, our internal team and the client’s suppliers.

Knowledge Transfer & New Tools

We provide the change management tools to enable our clients to achieve maximum savings and drive compliance throughout their organization over the long term.  At the conclusion of our engagements, we conduct a knowledge transfer phase in which we electronically enable our clients with free access to our e-sourcing tools, including the ability to conduct electronic RFP/RFI events and Reverse Auctions as well as manage contracts more efficiently.  Our clients become self-sufficient in driving ongoing savings and cost control initiatives within their organization.


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